I LOVE THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST! My love for our country and this area began as a young girl when my grandpa took me along as he campaigned door-to-door for Ronald Reagan. My grandfather loved this country fiercely, and he passed that love down to me. For many years, the vision Reagan inspired for this country has been under attack, and I can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope that our elected officials will begin to reflect the values and freedoms of everyday Washingtonians—the people who elected them. With my family by my side, I have decided it’s time to step out to serve and to lead. There’s no time to lose.

For the last decade, we have watched the far left move the United States further and further from the foundational truths that made us the greatest country in history. Generations ahead of us fought for this country, and at present, many of our freedoms are being taken away—one piece of legislation at a time. Everyday Americans do not want to fight endless wars overseas and understand that there is a direct connection between energy independence and participating in foreign wars in the Middle East. We must not depend on Arab nations for oil.

As we are forfeiting our energy independence, we are seeing gas and heating costs skyrocket, greatly affecting our poorest working families. We are failing our children with our current educational model, and they deserve a representative to demand excellence and to protect the rights of parents to direct the upbringing of their own children. We have clearly seen the agenda of the left, and it will make our country unrecognizable. There is no line they won’t cross to accomplish their goals.

Yes, our nation is facing difficult times, but I have so much optimism for what we can do when we work together! I want to really listen to the residents of the 3rd Congressional District and take your concerns to Washington DC with the goal of improving the lives of everyone in our community – from the youngest among us to our precious senior citizens.

Like you, I believe that those we elect to represent us should keep their word and work to maintain our trust—especially after being elected. This is an area where many feel they have been let down in Southwest Washington, and I want to restore your trust in our representative government. Our citizens deserve true representation by someone who already has a proven record of service with strength and integrity.

I’m asking for your support as I run for Congress to represent you. Together, we can make sure that Washington’s 3rd District remains a beautiful and safe place to live, work, and raise our families for generations to come. The United States of America is an idea worth sacrificing for, and the American dream must be preserved and safeguarded for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Please join me in this mission as we fight for the soul of our country.


I was born and raised here. My husband Jay and I have been proud to call southwest Washington our home since 1999. We have invested our lives into serving our community and other families across the nation. I’m proud to live and work in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, and with good reason! It’s full of wonderful people and incredible beauty. As a mom, grandmother and business owner, I truly understand the issues and concerns we face daily in this region.

Four generations of St Johns have lived in Washington's 3rd Congressional district. This is our home. Jay and I have been married for 32 years and we know and understand the issues that are important to our friends and neighbors here. We have raised our seven children here and take delight in watching our grandchildren grow to love the same community we love so much.

I am asking for your vote, because I want to give you a voice in Washington DC. Together, we can make a difference!